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Seasoned litigator, counselor and mediator helping Oregonians.
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Oregon Trial Attorney: 503-665-4234

I love the law, and I love helping people.

An Oregon civil litigation attorney since 1984, I have recovered millions of dollars for injured children and adults. In addition to personal injury cases, I help people with claims against lawyers, employers government pedestrian & bicycle injuries, and other reasons.

I limit my law practice to just a few clients at a time. This way, I control the quality of the work and the quality of the client relationship.

Most of my clients have never worked with a lawyer before. People call me because they are suffering from some trouble. I pride myself on being accessible: my clients phone me when they have questions, and I give them the time they need.

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9th Circuit
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Lewis & Clark Law School
Honors: with honors
University of Minnesota Law School
Honors: with honors
Activities: Associate Editor of Minnesota Law Review
Stanford University
B.A. | Economics and Political Science
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Multnomah Bar Association
Oregon Mediation Association
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Oregon Trial Lawyers Association
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Oregon State Bar
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Oregon Judicial Department
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U.S. District Court for Oregon
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14 Questions Answered

Q. I worked for my employer for 7 years and no scheduled breaks or lunch breaks. Should be compensated ? For shifts 6+hrs
A: Greetings, I recommend you check with Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries. Jeff Merrick
Q. My employer has been breaking multiple employment laws , he removed his hard drive when he switched payroll co. Strange?
A: Greetings, This sounds very bad. I might be willing to help, but first I need to know who is the employer and owner of the business. Also, where you worked and when this all happened. Jeff Merrick 503-665-4234
Q. Today I was fired from my job. My boss said I’d be rehired if I work an unpaid internship for a month. Is this legal?
A: It's always hard to give an answer without all the circumstances. Nevertheless, what you describe does not sound legal. Who is the employer? When did you start working for the employer? What was your job? Why did they say they fired you? Do you think there were other reasons they fired you? Jeff Merrick Disclaimer: I respond to questions as a courtesy. I do not intend to provide legal advice or agree to be your attorney. All claims have strict time limitations. If you fail to make your claim on time, it is lost forever. So do not wait for me or any attorney. Hire an attorney right away.
Q. Need to take an insurance to small claims, they have agents in the county does this count as having a physical presence
A: If your question is whether your county has jurisdiction over the insurer, odds are it does. If you can't find the insurer's proper address with the Secretary of State's business registry, try the State Insurance Division. It might be worth buying an hour of a lawyer's time to make sure your plan makes sense, get some pointers, and maybe see if there is a better approach. Good Luck, Jeff
Q. Is it legal for a company to mandate you stay on the premises when you are clocked out and not on standby?
A: If you are paid by the hour (as compared to a legitimately salaried employee) then, if the employer wants you on the premises, it must pay you. Good luck, Jeff
Q. How can I file a tort claim myself after being fired for telling employer I'm going to see a cardiologist for my heart?
A: Your question raises several issues, including whether you have a "disability" and whether the employer had a duty to work with you to see if it could accommodate your disability. If you want to chat, feel free to call. Jeff Merrick 503-665-4234
Q. I was fired for attendance but other employees have no called no-showed and show up late every single day still employed
A: The big question is WHY is the employer treating you differently? If the reason is illegal, then you have a case. Illegal reasons include, race, gender, retaliation for certain activities, etc. If you want to chat, feel free to call Jeff Merrick 503-665-4234
Q. I was told to take 90 days off because i cashed a ck that was over our amout then told to take a class on gambling the
A: Dear Oregonian, An employer does not have to be correct when it decides to suspend or fire an employee; it only has to avoid illegal conduct. If the employer believes you did something it does not like, it can fire you, so long at it was not protected activity, such as complaining to OSHA about safety issues, filing a workers' compensation claim, objecting to sexual harassment, etc. If the real problem is a personality dispute with a coworker, then the employer can decide who it likes better, again, so long as it is not involve protected activity. Jeff Merrick, Oregon Trial Attorney Injury & Employment Law The above is not legal advice. I cannot give you sound advice without knowing more information. It is intended to raise some issues for you to discuss with your own lawyer.
Q. I wkd at this co for 17+ years. I was fired over a policy in place for 1 month and was not warned.
A: Dear Fired, I just found your June posting. Here are the quick answers: 1. Oregon has strict time limits on when a person must be paid after termination. You might have had a claim. 2. If you have not asked for your personnel file, you should, and see what is in there. 3. You have time limits to make any claim. If you are late, then your claims are lost forever. 4. If you violated a policy that you knew about and that was lawful, and if they fire everyone who violates the policy, then you might not have much of a case. Unless there is some contract that requires a warning, then they do not have to give you a warning. 5. If the real reason for firing was something else, then the question is what was the real reason. if it is just you squealed on the boss for doing something that was not against the law, that does not sound like much of a case. But this answer is about worth what you paid for it - nothing. You might want to hire a lawyer to go through this in detail. 17 years is a long career. Jeff Merrick, Oregon Trial Attorney Injury & Employment Law 503-665-4234 The above is not legal advice. I cannot give you sound advice without knowing more information. It is intended to raise some issues for you to discuss with your own lawyer.
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