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As an attorney, I have a strong desire to see that legal representation is affordable, accessible, and competent. This drive to help others motivates my business philosophy to help wherever possible and however possible. To this end, I strive to educate my clients of the many pitfalls that have sadly become too common in our legal system. This desire to educate my clients has encouraged me to assist in matters of traffic where, more than any other area of law, proceeding without representation is common. Every year, drivers have their driving privileges suspended, insurance rates increased, and face steep fees due largely to lack of representation. Given the need for a car in today's increasingly hectic world, protection of diving privileges from traffic violations are fundamental. It is my desire to see every client armed with the tools to be an active participant in their legal issue to not only prevent these outcomes but empower them to know their rights. My drive to be a positive force in my client's lives comes from years of service working to help those in need where the legal system has failed to adequately assist them. My passion here primarily focused on aiding charities dedicated to ending domestic and sexual violence which all too often continues in spite of attempts at prosecution. I work to bring this passion for assisting others whenever I step up to represent a client in the hopes that I might help them find resolution to their current legal troubles.

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Q. How do I fight tickets in collections so that my licence can be reinstated from suspension?
A: First, call the cities that issued the citations and ask what they can do. Let them know you are sorry and want to see what you can do to waive some of the late fees. It's a stretch but worth asking. Next, try getting on a payment plan with the collection agency. MAKE SURE YOU VERIFY THAT THE COLLECTION AGENCY YOU SPEAK WITH IS THE ONE THE CITY CONTRACTED WITH. You don't want to pay a scam. If you do enter a payment plan that allows the suspension to be lifted, make sure you can complete the plan. If you fall off, most collections agencies will refuse to give you a second chance and will want the full balance paid before they will lift the suspension. Hope that helps!
Q. I’m 17 I got pulled over going 82/55, I have no previous tickets or warnings, I have a court date, what could happen?
A: Hello Asker, First, you should anticipate having a parent or guardian present with you if you won't be 18 at the time of the court date. Even if you will be, it is usually advantageous to have one anyway. Second, it is hard to say what can be expected because by definition, 100% of the people who don't hire an attorney won't have an attorney there to witness what happens when someone goes to court without an attorney. What I can say is that there are generally three outcomes for this type of violation. One is a conviction which would drastically increase insurance rates and put you at risk of suspension if you have another moving violation. It will also give you a criminal record. Another is supervision which will prevent insurance damage and license issues but will still be a criminal offense on your record. The last circumstance that is possible is a reduction in the speed to a non-criminal level (21-25 mph over the limit). This one is more rare but still possible depending on the county. You can either be convicted or given supervision for such a violation which would be the same result as the above two save for the criminal part. In general, it is best to speak to a lawyer before going in on one of these tickets because not only does it carry criminal penalties (up to $1500 fine and/or 6 months in jail), but it also can affect your eligibility for better sentences on traffic matters in the future. For instance, if you get one of these offenses on your record, you may NEVER get supervision again. While jail is unlikely, you should contemplate speaking to an attorney. Hope that helps!
Q. If a ticket is not signed by the officer nor the violator, is the ticket valid? The police officers badge number was on.
A: To be frank, many clerical errors are permitted on traffic citations. Short of severe deficiencies in the ticket which call into question the officer's judgment or whether they had the right person cited, it is rare for a ticket to be so defective as to warrant dismissal. This is, in my opinion, unlikely to elicit such a response.
Q. I am 15. I have gotten a ticket for failure to have headlights when required. What will most likely happen at court?
A: The odds are good that if you bring in proof that you repaired them, they will likely dismiss the case but it is not a guarantee.
Q. What happens if I don’t take the court supervision class?
A: Hello Asker, Unfortunately, it is difficult to determine what you are asking but I will try. When you receive supervision, you are still required to do all the terms of that in order to prevent your supervision from being revoked. If you were to take driving class, you must do so. If you have a separate requirement to take driving classes, this does not lift your previous requirement to take it as part of your supervision. From the sounds of it, it sounds as though you received two moving violation convictions (previous supervisions that were revoked and made into convictions) and subsequently were suspended for receiving two moving violation convictions in 24 months under the age of 21. This triggered an invalidation of your driving privileges requiring the $90 National Safety Council class to be taken. The supervision on one or both cases was violated by a third citation which may or may not have triggered a new 6 month suspension for a moving violation conviction after a previous suspension for the above reason picked up prior to your 21st birthday. This is my best guess based upon your description. For a more specific accounting, I would recommend you speak to a traffic attorney as they can help suss out exactly what happened by asking appropriate follow up questions.
Q. Had a minor fender bender on snowy Rd. Cop said he will not be in court - does that mean I will get off if I show up?
A: Hello Asker, Generally speaking, the case must be set for trial in order for that to happen. This is because if the case is set for trial and no one is there to testify against you, they cannot proceed without you being willing to self incriminate yourself. By pleading not guilty (what is done by setting a case for trial), the court recognizes that you are requiring them to prove you guilty which requires witnesses to testify to the events. As the officer rarely witnesses accidents, they often cannot provide testimony. As a result, default wins like this do happen. It is recommended that you speak to a traffic attorney if you have more questions specifically about your case.
Q. Got a ticket for rear ending someone. Have court on the 19th the guy said he wont show up at court bc my insurance is
A: Hello Asker, It would require you to plead not guilty. This only applies if the officer did not witness the accident. The reason they dismiss is because technically, the officer's testimony is hearsay. They only can repeat what other people said and that is generally not admissible. The other driver is the only one who can testify against you because you wouldn't/couldn't be compelled to testify against yourself UNLESS you plead guilty. Hence, in order to have the case dismissed, you would have to plead not guilty. Generally, you should avoid doing this directly and tell them you plead not guilty only when asked. Oftentimes, they will call you up, see if anyone else involved showed up, and dismiss it without such an election of guilt/not guilty is even required. With that said, this isn't a guarantee. As I stated, having an officer who witnessed it appear will prevent this as they can testify to what they saw even in the absence of the other driver sufficient to prove the case. Additionally, if other witnesses appear, they too can prevent dismissal because there is enough evidence to prosecute. Finally, in instances where personal injury occurred, it is not unusual for the court to give a continuance before dismissing to give another chance for the opposing witness to arrive. After all, you shouldn't get out of a ticket hypothetically speaking because your driving hurt them too badly to appear in court. If personal injury occurred, I would highly advise seeking representation to prevent civil liability but it sounds like this isn't the case. Hope that helps!
Q. My son is 16 he received a ticket for having more than one passenger in the car. Should I request supervision for him?
A: Yes, you should definitely seek supervision but you may need to appear in court. You can call the circuit court clerk of the issuing county to verift whether court appearance is required to get supervision because some counties do not give supervision by mail if you are under 21. As Mr. Davis pointed out, traffic school will be required due to his age. Unfortunately, driving a car with too many people in it is considered a moving violation and if he receives two moving violation convictions in a two year period, he will be suspended. Getting court supervision prevents this offense from Counting as a moving violation for the purposes of this rule. Lastly, it will also prevent the offense from being publicly reported on his driving record which will help keep your insurance rates from going up.
Q. I have been in a minor collision (at fault) and given a citation. I have 2 speeding tickets in last 12 months.
A: Hello Asker, The possible outcome depends on whether you are on supervision still. If you are on supervision for one or both of the tickets, you can have your supervision revoked resulting in a conviction. Two convictions for moving violations in a 24 month period under the age of 21 will suspend you. Since you got traffic school both times, I'm guessing you are under 21. I also am guessing that one or both of your tickets was in McHenry County since they have a tendency to do the escalated traffic school. They are more likely to revoke your supervision if you got a violation (such as this accident) during the supervision period than most counties IMHO. Even if it wasn't McHenry County, you should definitely schedule a consultation with a lawyer to protect your license if you got this ticket during your supervision period. As for this current accident ticket, it appears you had insurance so the good news is you may yet avoid a conviction for this violation as well. Seeing as how this is Elk Grove (Cook County), you may need to request a court date if there was no injury during the accident. This is ordinarily the best option for anyone facing an accident ticket. My recommendation still would be to seek out an attorney because you won't be supervision eligible and you don't want to be found guilty and convicted of a moving violation at your age if you can avoid it. With an attorney's help, you can greatly increase your chances of getting this ticket dismissed. Hope that helps and let us know if you have any additional questions Sincerely, Jason A. Wilkins Traffic Attorney (630) 445-2293
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