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Portland Legal Services specializes in Personalized Advocacy. This is a full service civil law firm. We cross specialize in several related areas of the law which means that we can offer you comprehensive solutions to difficult issues that require knowledge in several legal sub-specialties. We can help you with issues in the areas of: Family Law (Divorce, Custody, Support), Paternity, Bankruptcy (Chapter 7), Wills, Trusts, Estate Planning, Elder Law (Special Needs Trusts), Probate, Conservatorships, Guardianships, , Personal Injury, Auto Accidents, Small Business, Real Estate, and Civil Litigation. If you don't see your problem area listed here, please contact us to see if it is something we also cover. Please use the case evaluation link on our web page to get a free initial evaluation.

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Suing public bodies as defendants in Automobile Accident Cases, the importance of Tort Claims Notices
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Changes in Oregon Insurance Law in 2016 now allow you to get the full benefit of your UM/UIM insurance coverage.
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Q. Is it legal for a 16 year old about to be 17 to date a just turned 23 year old as long as no sexual actions are commited
A: There is no law that restricts the age of people who are dating. The law only restricts sexual relations between adults and minors. However the 16 or 17 year old would be subject to the house rules of their parents so they may not be allowed to date this person for other reasons. Frankly the 23 year old is putting them self at risk because all that has to happen is the minor accuses the 23 year old of some type of sexual activity and there are going to be big problems for the 23 year old even if they are eventually exonerated. The cost of the Attorney's Fees alone will be a significant detriment.
Q. So does this mean I don’t have to gove my land lord 30 days notice
A: This sounds like an incomplete landlord tenant question. Please re-post this under landlord tenant law and state more information so the responding lawyers know what the question is about.
Q. How can I remove a PIP claim from someone not written on my auto insurance policy?
A: Geico is a big company and can evaluate whether or not your mother-n-law's claim should be paid or not. If she was driving or was a passenger in your insured vehicle she may be entitled to a PIP claim. If she was living in your household and you forgot to add her to your policy as a family member, then you may be in breach of your obligation to declare all household members who drive your vehicles or could drive your vehicles. PIP claims are usually not counted against the insured. Accidents under the policy are counted. I don't think the PIP claim is your main problem. I'm guessing the real problem is that your mother-n-law lived with you and you let her drive your car and she had an accident while driving your car. But this is just a guess and to really figure this out you may need to consult more completely with an Attorney. You can also speak to the Oregon Insurance Commissioner's office as they are often helpful in explaining Oregon's insurance laws and what insurance company's can and can't do. FYI Geico has a bad reputation among PI lawyers as Geico often plays a lot of games with insurance claims.
Q. My father passed away last month. He left a will that states a sole beneficiary. He has no debt or property assets, he
A: I'm not sure that I understand the facts so I will just give you a general answer. If property transfers without the need for probate, then you don't need to do a probate. When you run into some issue where you can't transfer some type of property that the decedent left then you have to figure out if you need a legal proceeding. It could be a small estate affidavit or a probate. That needs to be determined. I highly recommend you set up a consultation with an experienced probate Attorney and go over everything you know about your dad's final affairs in great detail and just make sure you haven't overlooked anything.
Q. I want a divorce person that's immigrant doesn't have adjustment of status, he making my life hell. I need help
A: Any family law attorney can process your divorce. His immigration status can't prevent you from divorcing him. The issue you really need to deal with is whether the immigration forms you signed to aid this person in applying for US citizenship will still make you liable for their support. I had a similar case where my client's husband was had already gotten his green card when the divorce. Both attorneys convinced my client that she had to pay spousal support due to the papers she had signed when he immigrated. At the point she contact me she had retired and could no longer afford to support her ex husband. Also the ex husband had moved to another country and was working and had all sorts of free benefits like housing and health care. I referred this client to a very good immigration Attorney who figured out that this client no longer had to pay spousal support to her ex husband. You just need to ask the right immigration Attorney about what is likely to happen when you get divorced. Don't believe that you will have to pay support to your husband, you may not. The divorce part is easy so don't worry about that once you investigate the immigration support issue.
Q. Do you have a template to create a WILL and POAs for the State of Oregon?
A: You should not post your personal information on a webpage. You also should not be doing your own estate planning documents. There is so much that could go wrong. The Will and POA you did in Canada may actually be fine to continue to rely on even though you now live back in the US. But to be safe review these documents with a local Attorney. Estate planning is so much more than having pieces of paper. It involves sitting down with an Attorney and reviewing what property you have and the various ways the property can transfer at your death. Documents like a Will don't completely take care of the transfers of all types of property at your death. A POA needs to be a durable POA and you need to understand that once the person who issued the POA dies, the POA becomes a useless document. In a thorough estate planning session the Attorney should also discuss with the client how property is to be managed while the client is still alive but incapacitated. Do yourself a favor, make an appointment with an estate planning Attorney and makes sure your estate planning has been done correctly. Justia is not a law firm. it is a social media and marketing platform where various Attorneys who are not working for Justia, are offered a chance to answer questions posted by perspective clients. Some Attorneys pay Justia for additional marketing services. Some don't pay anything but just claim the profile that Justia created for them from readily available data that Justia uses to populate the Attorneys listed like the membership lists of licensed Attorneys from various State bar Associations.
Q. In Oregon if a husband and wife die 35 days apart can their estates be probated together in one probate filing?
A: First of all, one has to figure out if a probate is even needed. Second, if there was a Will there may be a clause the requires the heir to survive for longer then 35 days to be eligible to receive anything. So you really need to sit down with an Attorney and sort this out. But generally speaking, there is no such thing as a double probate for two people at least not that I am aware of.
Q. what form do I need to do a name change?
A: Here are the forms for use Statewide in Oregon. You will still need to check on the website of your local county court for any local rules that particular court may have for doing name changes. It never hurts to get an Attorney to help you, especially to make sure that your birth certificate in the State you were born in gets updated. So you will also want to check the office of vital statistics in the State you were born in to see what types of information they will require to be included in the court Judgment you get from Oregon, so when you forward a certified copy of the Judgment your birth certificate is updated. 1. General name change forms for Oregon: 2. Use this page to look up the Uniform Trial Court Rules and the Supplementary Local Rules for the County Court where you plan to file your name change documents: 3. Look up the office of vital statistics for the State where you were born and figure out what types of documentation they will need to update your birth certificate. Oregon's forms above may or may not contain sufficient information so you may need to add more detail to your Oregon Forms so that when you send the certified copy of Oregon's name change judgment to another State's office of vital statistics, the process goes smoothly. (This is where most people run into trouble so get an Attorney to do the name change documents for you if you think this will be a problem for you.)
Q. Can I get retroactive child support from a father who refused to have anything to do with his kid?
A: Your child support will generally only go back to the date that the support proceeding is initiated but can continue until your child is age 21 if the child stays in school after turning 18, is a full time student, and earns at least a C average. It doesn't matter if the father wants to exercises his right to be in the child's life or not. You have the right to request child support merely because he is the biological parent. The district Attorney in the county you live in will provide you with free services to establish child support. Call them.
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