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For all your criminal, DUI and white collar crime needs, call B. Scott Winkler, The Shafter Lawyer!

Born and raised in Bakersfield, CA. I studied Finance and Political Science @ CSUF & CSUB, receiving a degree in both fields. I attended law school at California Pacific School of Law. I have been practicing Criminal Law for 17 years, with offices in Bakersfield & Shafter CA. Specializing in Criminal Law, DUI trials, Family Law and Personal Injury. I am blessed to call Bakersfield my home, and coming from a hard working family where money was only necessary to pay bills, I understand the importance when I am entrusted with a client's or family members money, and work as hard as I can to accomplish every feasible legal goal my client is requesting.

Law fees are becoming incredibly expensive, and I feel a duty to represent my client base at a fair cost in exchange for providing an extremely competent job to defend their rights, with respect to the areas of law I practice.

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  • Criminal Law
  • DUI & DWI
  • Personal Injury
  • Family Law
  • Divorce
  • White Collar Crime
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  • DMV Hearings
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    I will do an overview of you case and provide an honest answer as to how I can help you. As I openly tell my potential clients, this line of work can online rewarding if can spot an issue for dismissal, or provide enough form a reduced sentence, A private attorney lives off his reputation of being honest, fair, and successful.
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    Consider a split payment in felonies + expenses, as long as myself and my client understand we have a job to do.
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5th Circuit
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9th Circuit
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  • English: Spoken, Written
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Professional Experience
Law Offices of B. Scott Winkler
- Current
The only Attorney listed in Justia, that has his primary practice location in Shafter, for the Northern Kern County area. Acoss the street from the Shafter Superior Court.
Vice President: RCBO
Wells Fargo Bank
Numerous certificates in Ag & Commercial Lending; completed their strenuous Bankers College
Asst. Vice-predident
San Joaquin Bank
California State University - San Francisco State University
M.A. (2016) | California Gangs and the effect of new legistlation has on criminal sentencing
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Wells Fargo Bank Ag & Commercial lending College
(2000) Agricultural and commercial financial analysis
Honors: Most Outstanding in delivering WFB ag and commercial products to clients. Reached highest sales quotas and exceeded in my class.
Activities: Intensive academic understanding into annual cash flow and the needs of cash fellow for both ag and commercial products in order to avoid a strong company to be undercapitalized,
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California Pacific University
J.D. (1991) | Law
Honors: West-Law Honor Student
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California State University - Bakersfield
B.A. (1991) | Political Science
Honors: Graduate Cum Laude Honors
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California State University - Fullerton
B.A. (1990) | Finance
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Volunteer of the year Award
Bakersfiekd Rescue Mission
For volunteering with some homeless, but many young kids needing assistance in simply working their homework with each individual at the mission.
Palque handed out the four highest GPA'S in our class
West Law Studenf of High Academic Achievement
Professional Associations
American Bar Association
- Current
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California State Bar # 215006
- Current
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Kern County Bar Association
- Current
Activities: Criminal Defense Section
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U.S. Federal Court, Eatern District # 215006
Licensed to Practice
- Current
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Golden Empire Youth Football
Board for Director & Coach
Activities: One of original members to outline and create future protocol for youth football organization, that is still operating at a high competitive level todat.
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13 Questions Answered

Q. Pc 496D(A) Is what my mom got arrested for. She has never been arrested before. How much time do you think she will get?
A: Mr. Gribow is right with respect to this charge. This charge is considered a wobbler, meaning the District Attorney can file it as felony or a misdemeanor. By California statute provides a monetary amount ($950 in loss) to determine misdemeanor or felony, generally, each question raised below are ultimately the main issues to determine not necessarily how it will be charged, but plead out!
Q. What is a 455(b)pc1 mean
A: PC 455 is the criminal charge for Attempted Arson, a serious strike. This charge carries a requirement to register under the statute as an Arsonist. Based on your question that he is in jail based on a violation, he likeky failed to conact probation upon his release or if the meeting took place, probation would have instructed him to register under PC 455, and he failed to do so.
Q. If there’s a domestic restraining order for you and decides not to serve. But have a previous record will da pick it up
A: If I understand the question, which is whether or not the DA can pick you up for a violation of a restraining order, if you were never served? The simple answer is no, however, before I provide a more definitive answer, i believe it’s equally important to briefly drescribe the restraining order process. Generally, a temporary restraining order (TRO), is first issued with sometimes minimal facts and without service needed, however if granted, the carry the same power as a permanent restraining order from the time signed by a magistrate to the first hearing date (after showing proof of food service) when both parties can argue their respective opinion. If the restrained party from the TRO, the DA can pick up a violation of court order, but without proper service, it could be a difficult case to prove beyond all reasonable doubt!
Q. I don't no if the public defender will fight for my son or she just won't him to take any deal many casesshou
A: I would guess that many of the best "prIvate" criminal defense attorneys in most towns, throughout the county, either started or had a stint with their local public defender office. My firm does approximately 80% criminal defense work, and I cant say any issues that have risen in a co-defendant case, between counsel, due to their role or position with the respective Public Defender. In fact, I think most are highly skilled, generally attain much more jury experience, and do this underneath the the stereotype of "but their only Public Defenders." We have a duty to zealously represent all our our clients, using the most reasonable steps necessary to put fourth a viable defense. The only concern I may have when considering a public defender would be their overall work load, because the best of attorneys can be overworked, placed with immense stress and constantly finding themselves a step behind the next case that's coming. That is not a statement against the public defenders's, but their incredible work load.
Q. If a 17 year old girl dates a man who is 22 years old, is it still a crime?
A: In California.....Yes, that would be a crime
Q. is there any way to reduce a welfare fraud crime to a misdemeanor?
A: First, for clarification purposes, you stated one year "in prison" in California. We have determinate sentencing, meaning should you have plead guilty, your prison term would have been either 16 months, 2 yrs, or 3yrs. unless due to unusual circumstances, the judge will allow you you up to one year in County Jail, which appears that is the case here. If so, you would be eligible for an expungement, as long as court fines and fees are paid off, as well as all restitution (as stated) then your motion should include to have it reduced to a mideamenor, because it's a likely wobbler, and once reduced, have the case expunged, pursuant to 1203.4.
Q. what happens if i don't pay the $350 fine to the store i shoplifted from?
A: I guess the unknown but relevant fact is based on the word "caught"! Does that mean caught by loss prevention and signed an agreement to pay a $350.00 fine, or does it mean you were caught, arrested, and plead to ship-lifting, and fined by the court $350, and any restitution. Since you were caught I will assume there is no restitution. Therefore, if the $350.00 is a collection letter, it likely civil and you could ultimately have a something placed on your credit report, and maybe a $350.00 lien against you that could bite you when you least expect it. If the fine is court ordered it can be considered a violation of a court order (unsure if probation was given) and a warrant for your arrest could be issued! Regardless, if your lucky enough that Khols had you sign an agreement or it was delegated by the court, hopefully this predicament of "shoplifting" will teach you a lesson, and I recommend do the right thing and pay the fine!
Q. So I was in a car with my friend and he was taking me home about 5 minutes after driving we.get pulled over
A: The short answer is yes, the likely answer is probably not, unless your presence is very important to establish the fact that he was driving. With three warrants, it may me based on whether or not the arresting officer knew him or had some prior contacts. If the car was pulled over in a period of 5 minutes, your friend would have likely driven in some erratic behavior for the stop, in which case your testimony would not be needed, or they were well aware of your friends warrants, and you were caught up in a bad place at a bad time! I do not forsee a subpoena coming to you based on the facts you presented!
Q. My dad has bipolar schizophrenia and has been acting aggressively. He has threatened to kill my mom. What should I do?
A: From a criminal law stand point, threatening one's life can be a crime under Calif. Penal Code 422, however, one of the elements to prove is not just the threat, but whether your mother believed he had the ability to carry out the threat and would do do so. Based on your question, this type of outburst can be very much associated with an individual suffering from bi-polar schizophrenia, therefore not knowing whether or how your mother received the threat is a big issue. If the family is looking for medical treatment, this would be a time to have him checked into your local facility that provides psychiatric evaluations. Generally, medical professionals have the ability to place an immediate 48 hour hold to evaluate, and they can have additional time (with a potential hearing involved), if physicians believe your father is still a danger to himself, or they are still determining the correct medications prescribe, which my history involved with these type of cases has shown then trial and error of finding the correct medication combination is the most difficult part. Again, this is only based on my experience as an attorney, I am not a medically licensed professional.
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